Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Due to the ongoing rain, I think it'd be unwise to brave the weather with bare legs and flip flops. So in an attempt to be a little more Spring-ready, I've been looking for other ways to incorporate fresh colours into my outfit. But instead of clothes, I hunted for some nail varnish - a cheaper alternative.
The colour I was most attracted to was OPI's Rumples Wiggin'. It's a gorgeous milky-blue-lavender shade, which I think is part of the Shrek collection. I ordered it straight away, and as soon as it arrived I applied 2 thin coats and awaited the results. I probably should've gone over it with another layer to make it completely opaque, but I had places to be and so I didn't have time let it dry in time. I think it's so gorgeous and love the look it adds to my outift!

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