Saturday, 25 June 2011

I can tell this Summer that I'm going to be choosing shorts over skirts. I'm not adverse to skirts, but every time I've ordered something or gone shopping these past few weeks, I've bought a pair of shorts. For example, these lace shorts were one of the first additions to my wardrobe - after trawling ASOS every evening in an attempt to find something feminine yet edgy, I thought these fit the requirements. Comfortable, definitely. Versatile, most definitely. So I paired them with a scallop-edged vest from Topshop, and found a random red bracelet from a Spanish market in my jewellery box to add some colour to the monochrome look.


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  2. Thanks for the sweet comment! Your blog is so cute I love your pictures! Btw the scalloped edge shirt looks very chic!!

  3. Love it :)


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  4. WOW you are taking stunning pictures, really! xoxo Nini