Tuesday, 23 August 2011

First off, apologies for being extremely late at updating, have got family visiting so it's been difficult to find time for the blog. I got back on Thursday from a perfect week in the Catalan region in the South of France. We ate gorgeous food, the weather was stunning (except for one day up the Pyrenees where we got caught in the middle of a random storm) and the towns and cities we visited were beautiful.

As we were right by the Spanish border, we went to Spain for lunch, which isn't something you hear everyday. We also went to Montpellier - which was a surprisingly lovely city - and, of course soaked up as much sun as possible on the amazing beaches before returning to dreary August weather in Britain. The one town I was particularly taken with was Villefranche de Conflent: after looking round the ramparts - which I do not recommend walking round in sandals - I explored the cobbled streets and came across loads of small delightful shops. I was in my element, and couldn't resist buying some soaps, candles and a selection of precious stones. The holiday was just what I needed, and would happily visit the Catalan region again.



  1. So much pretty pictures!
    All the food looks delicious and I love your purple bikinitop!
    I hope you've had a lovely time!


  2. beautiful pics! i can imagine walking through those streets immediately. :)
    and it's nice to read you had such a good time!

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  4. Nice photos. Your holiday sounds amazing, I could need some sun and nice food.

  5. Hey girl! I saw your comment on my blog so I came to check out yours! This post is photo heavy but I love all the shots. They are amazing! ^_^ Its me Kristine from realasianbeauty.blogspot.com

  6. absolutely beautiful photos! looks like an amazing (and yummy) trip!!


  7. So amazing photos!!! LOVE IT!!!

  8. Thanks for these beautiful summery pictures !



  9. AMAZING photos!



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