Monday, 23 May 2011

There's a lot of confusion as to what to call these shoes. But whatever the name, I got my hand on a pair of these - belated, I know, but I made it my mission to find the perfect pair for the right price. I was undecided as to what style I wanted: Suede? Leather? With a low heel? Completely flat? In the end I went with a tan leather pair, slight fringing, no heel and stitch detailing. I ordered them online ( if you're wondering), so it's always a risk as you never know exactly what they're going to turn out like, but when they arrived this morning I was definitely pleased. A little big for me, yes, but that's probably my fault (it's a matter of guessing what size I'll be).
I was in the mood for a lazy day consisting of revision, so I opted for some jeggings - extremely lazy, admittedly - and a baggy sun top with a floral belt I got given as a present from Morocco. But regardless of the rest of my outfit, I was determined to break in those loafers as a pick-me-up for the loathsome day ahead.


  1. I think those are loafers as the shape and details are like that. I'd say moccasins are made of suede and have visible seams like this:

    Juliet xxx

  2. those shoes are unbelievable!!