Friday, 27 May 2011

For me, maintaining - or achieving - clear skin is essential. One thing I cannot stand is waking up with blemishes that I can't control, and it certainly knocks my confidence. So I have devised a routine that seems to be taming my skin, and even though it's not perfect, I've got the best results that I've seen in several years.

I bought this Nivea lip cream after a holiday where I hadn't protected my lips and they'd swollen up. On the way back I stopped by Boots and picked it up and used it several times a day, and my lips were back to normal - in fact better - after only a few days.

To get beautiful glowy skin in time for the Summer, catching a good even tan is unlikely (and unsafe). So in order to achieve the perfect self-tan & get clear skin at the same time, I've been looking for a good exfoliator and came across this. I'm definitely very pleased with how it's leaving my skin, and it smells gorgeous too.

The Nivea Visage collections work wonderfully with my skin. The eye make-up remover is very gentle, which is a must for me as I'm very particular about products around my eyes, and gets all mascara and shadows/liners off completely. When using the cleanser & toner, it removes any make-up off my skin, and even face paint (don't ask). It's of a lovely creamy consistency, and the scent seems very clean but not chemical like some other face products.

 I'd only purchased this for the scrublet that it comes with, and used it with a Garnier exfoliator. However when I ran out of that and hadn't replaced it, I used this exfoliator scrub and was very surprised. It has a wonderful fresh fragrance, and the little beads aren't too harsh on my face. When used three or four times a week, it makes my skin tighter and clearer.

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  1. I should purchase some of those products, more recently I've bee getting more spots than I feel comfortable with (I dont have loads, just the odd one), and I need some cleansers and exfoliators.