Sunday, 15 May 2011

So; my first clothes-related post. As you may or may not know - probably the latter - I am British. And being a true Brit, I live in Britain, which unfortunately suffers from fluctuating weather. And so, being typically British, the month of May has decided to burden us with cold winds and rain showers, making us adapt our outfits to accommodate this.
This choice of outfit wouldn't be what I would prefer to wear as we head towards Summer, however my instincts told me to wrap up warm until I can get out the sunglasses and floral dresses without getting odd looks. I have attempted to lessen the Autumnal look by accessorising with a bright, gypsy-inspired umberalla. I apologise if you're reading this from California or Abu Dhabi, but us Brits choose practicality when neccessary...


  1. We have fluctuating weather here in Canada too. It's as if Mother Nature is having PMS. Haha. So I completely understand your outfit. Your umbrella is the cuuuutest. XX